Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen-now serving chicken & biscuits with a side of rewards

by: Nichole Gunn May 17, 2010

The National Restaurant Development Group, Popeyes franchisee, has found an employee incentive program to be extremely successful. In hopes of creating better service and an all around better franchise, the NRD believes that promising a new car to top general managers will push general managers across the globe to put more time and effort into their jobs.

As noted by QSR web, the first car was awarded to Atlanta general manager Sheila Battle. She was the first winner of the incentive program, leading her store in sales, speed of service, hospitality and cost controls, among other metrics.

While a car may only be short term, the reputation of Popeyes will last forever. President and CEO of NRD’s Popeyes franchisee group, Aziz Hashim, hopes that general managers will eventually lose sight of their chance to win a new car, and that the work ethic they have practiced in hopes of winning such an extravagant prize will become second nature to them, car or no car.

"The strategies the restaurant management would have to put in place in order to drive the metric won't shut off because the car's been given away,"  Hashim said. "That's a culture that they had to instill at the restaurant level for months during the contest. And it won't go away."

The franchisee has chosen to focus on rewarding the stores with the most compliments, rather than focusing on the stores with the most complaints. By doing so, NRD has continued to see more positive results.

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