Employee branding cruical to winning the ‘war on talent’

by: Nichole Gunn April 14, 2010

Being the employer of choice is easier said than done. Human Resource leaders at both Coca-Cola and Siemens firmly believe that Employee Branding is vital to capturing the best talent and building long term success.

On April 8, 2010 HR practitioners filled up the seats at an event hosted by the SAS consultancy where they heard Coca-Cola and Siemens describe employees as “ambassadors” for organizations; meaning staff experiences could shape perceptions of the brand outside of the company.

"Employees are the best ambassadors in the external world - they help in hiring and have a huge impact on external image. We want them to tell a true, positive story,” said Vera Janssens, VP of Corporate & Marketing Communications at Siemens, South-West Europe.

UK’s People Management magazine reports that according to both global firms , employees' perception is crucial to recruitment, and is critical to staff retention. Employee retention is much higher when workers believe in the company's philosophy.

Janssens, speaking at the SAS presentation to launch the Brand & Talent Network from the MS&L group, stated that the “war on talent” that has emerged in the past 20 years  has made companies increasingly competitive when recruiting and retaining skilled staff. Management personnel at Siemens, for instance, is given a contractual incentive to retain skilled workers.

CIPD research released on Wednesday concluded that, “integrating employer branding and reward strategy could help companies position themselves positively for the upturn.” Offering incentive programs and rewards, the report states, is the best way to influence employees' behavior. Furthermore, the report also highlighted the importance of interdepartmental communication within organizations as a way of reinforcing corporate identity.

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