Riverbend Music Festival Launches "Riverbend Rewards" Program

by: Nichole Gunn April 6, 2010

The Riverbend Festival has been creating music and providing entertainment in Chattanooga, Tennessee for the past 30 years. As ABC News reports, this year the festival will bring a different sound to the community, the sweet sound of rewards - Riverbend Rewards. The new reward program will offer year-round discounts and special offers to festival goers that qualify for the program by purchasing Riverbend admission pins well in advance of the opening date .

After signing up online at the Riverbend Festival Website, members can use their Riverbend Rewards card to gain access to discounts and a variety of exclusive offers from "Riverbend Rewards Partners" - Chattanooga area businesses that have partnered with the festival. The reward program partners get prominent placement of their business logos on the popular Riverbend Festival Website and will be able to promote their Riverbend Rewards "specials" through advertising and news placements on the festival Facebook and Twitter accounts.


The end result is win-win-win: loyal festival goers are recognized and rewarded for their ongoing support and patronage of the Riverbend Festival, the festival can market to and strengthen relationships with their best fans and advocates,  and area businesses can promote themselves while lending  support to a popular, local tradition.

As the exciting, new Riverbend Rewards program launches, it provides small businesses with a promising message - incentive programs are not the exclusive realm of Fortune 500 companies. Business owners and marketers can visit online sites that offer full-service reward-based program tools to learn more about initiating customer loyalty programs or channel incentive programs.

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