Travel rewards motivate your participants to earn the experiences they’ve been dreaming of. 

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How do you motivate participants who already have the coolest tech gadgets? Travel incentives!


For many people, the opportunity to see the world, experience a new environment and relax in an exotic location is worth more than any product or cash bonus you put in their hands. More than any other reward you can offer your incentive program participants, travel rewards hold the promise of a truly unique experience nothing else can match. We’re one of the few travel incentive companies that not only offer group travel incentives and corporate events planning, but also allow participants the ability to redeem their points for airfare, accommodations, destination activities and cruise packages for their own, leisure travel.


Key Features


Incentive travel takes the excitement of tangible rewards and multiplies it several times over. Participants will look forward to their upcoming vacation, share updates and images on social media throughout their trip and have plenty of stories to tell when they return. The positive associations with your organization and your incentive program will be reinforced long after reward points have been redeemed.


Our reward catalog features airfare, hotel accommodations and cruises to almost anywhere in the world, from Kenya to Costa Rica!


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