The Total Recognition Suite

Use a fun social media setting to drive employee motivation.

Drive sales employee motivation with an online tool for recognition, suggestions, referrals and more!

The Total Recognition Suite Module delivers a company-wide online employee recognition platform to enable managers and peers to celebrate employee contributions, share success stories, service tips and rewards experiences. This social media wall serves to reinforce a positive company culture of individual recognition and increase employee engagement in company success. The module’s comprehensive functionality also empowers local managers (regional, district, department, branch etc.) to recognize their team members with a monthly, allotted amount of reward points they manage at their own discretion. With additional options, reward program administrators can grant employees the ability to gift each other with reward points redeemable on our online rewards mall.

Use the Total Recognition Suite to:


Including the Total Recognition Suite module in your employee engagement program promotes a positive social culture within your organization!

  • Increase employee satisfaction by reinforcing positive corporate values. Recognize and reward people for day-to-day behaviors that embody the corporate mission, values and initiatives.
  • Motivate employees and keep the workplace productive—every day. Elevate team and company innovation with suggestion boxes and client and associate referral programs to unlock new ideas, create client leads and enhance recruitment efforts.
  • Sustain employee morale and buy-in by leveraging their ideas and input. Incorporate the module into larger employee engagement efforts such as tenure recognition and annual performance reviews.
  • Encourage solidarity and team building among employees. Enable “on the spot” peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee reward points and recognition, with the option to enable employee-to-employee gift points redeemable for millions of rewards available from the online rewards mall.

Our complete suite of incentive program modules includes:


  • Enables peer-to-peer interaction: The social wall enables employees to recognize one another’s hard work and positive contributions.
  • Distributes assigned reward point balances: Program administrators can assign managers a monthly allotment of redeemable reward points, which they can distribute to employees or teams at their own discretion in printed form, emails and other forms of communication.
  • Enhances employee retention and morale: System enables program administrators to post employee service anniversaries or birthdays.
  • Facilitates innovation, lead generation and recruitment: Creates an online suggestion forum; launch client and associate referral programs.
  • Rewards points: Enables local manager point-based recognition and can empower employees to gift each other with reward points redeemable for millions of items availabsle on our online rewards mall.
  • Internal audit controls: The system provides a Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliant audit trail of reward values to meet corporate governance, disclosure and financial accounting needs.
Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Define, track and audit all aspects of multiple sales promotions.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Allow participants to easily access your reward program features with a smartphone app.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Build quizzes and surveys, even upload full online training curriculum, to encourage product, service and brand mindshare.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Improve your incentive program’s effectiveness by granting specific responsibilities and access to select managers.
gamification cube Gamification. Distribute rewards to participants for winning fun, online games and boost program usage.
  CRM Integration. Connect your incentive program to your CRM, LMS or ERP systems so you can stream customer data between the two platforms.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Display a leaderboard ranking system to showcase top performers and encourage friendly competition.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Enable access to your incentive or reward program directly through your company website or intranet.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Give managers the ability to distribute on-the-spot, fixed-value reward program certificates.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Activate public registration to your incentive program, without requiring an invitation email.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Promote a positive work culture by providing a social media well, along with peer-to-peer and manager point banks, for employee recognition.
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