The Performance Tracking Module

Get more out of your incentive program by collecting sales data.

Do more than offer sales incentives—collect sales data to improve sales strategies and market insights.

The Performance Tracking Module enhances the speed of managing and measuring the effectiveness of all your online incentive programs! The system makes it easy and convenient for your sales teams and dealer networks to input the latest sales figures from any computer or smart phone. That means everyone is tracking progress against goals and product movement updates with less lag time. The robust module also supports removing inefficient paper processes with system automation to audit and verify reported sales before rewarding people with earned points redeemable on our online rewards mall. Faster goal tracking and rewards distribution to your program participants means they are more motivated to increase sales, upsell new products and/or provide better customer service!

Use the Performance Tracking Module to:

  • Speed up the reward redemption process. Gain end-user consumer information faster from your distribution and channel networks. Communicate claim statuses and reward participants in real-time.
  • Reduce risk and enhance audit compliance to increase program effectiveness. Automate sales claims verification and auditing to issue rewards. Use different variables to verify sales claims, including product delivery date, associated dealer, serial numbers and more. Participants can attach and upload verification data to submission forms for quick sales claims approval.
  • Broaden sales strategies by managing multiple promotions that target different participant segments with different rules. Control all parameters of your promotions. Choose sales promotion eligibility based on participant type, region or role. Create a calendar of promotions and oversee their durations.
  • Control sales incentive rewards payouts. Deliver reward payouts based on quantity of products or services sold, a flat rate payout or a tiered payout, among other options. Set threshold goals to be met before payout.
  • Integrate with the Mobile App module for on-the-go data exchange. Sales reps can upload claims, invoices, warranties and other sales documentation right from their phones.
  • Integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Combine Performance Tracking with the CRM Integration module to feed sales data directly to your CRM and gain more customer data.

The Performance Tracking Module’s faster goal tracking and rewards distribution means more motivation momentum to increase sales, upsell new products and/or provide better customer service!


  • Automates financial audit and verification processes. Incentive program administrators can set customized audit thresholds for sales claims. For example, if a $10,000 or higher threshold is set, the system will flag any claims within that parameter to verify before reward points are paid out to the individual’s account. All claims can be put into pending files, which are subject to delivery or payment requirements.
  • Speeds market updates. System enables sales teams and deal networks to track progress against goals and input their latest sales figures from any computer or smart phone.

Our complete suite of incentive program modules includes:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Keep track of sales, audit those sales based on thresholds you set, and run multiple promotions simultaneously.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Give your participants easy, on-the-go access to your reward program with a program-branded mobile app.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Host quizzes and surveys, and upload full online training curriculums and classes.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Organize your data flow and allow structured access and responsibilities.
gamification cube Gamification. Offer Spin-to-Win and Scratch Off games that increase engagement in your program.
  CRM Integration. Integrate your CRM platform with your incentive program to exchange purchase information, building a bigger customer database.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Input data into a leaderboard and showcase the top participants from any promotion within your incentive reward program.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Allow your participants to log into your reward program directly from your company’s internal intranet site or corporate website.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Give managers the ability to issue fixed-value reward program certificates on the spot.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Allow uninvited participants to sign up for your program.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Provide a social wall for peer-to-peer and HR recognition functions, including peer–to-peer and manager point banks.
To receive more information on our reward program options, schedule a tour of the entire collection of rewards, or see a demo of the online rewards technology platform, please call 1.866.567.7432 or send us a message.