The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module

Need to manage multiple program participant groups and segment their billing reports?

Maintain separate billing and reporting for large, diverse or international incentive program participant groups.

The Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module allows senior program administrators to organize their online incentive program’s administration and reporting by various managerial levels. Especially designed for large programs such as sales channel incentive programs, the module delivers customized information displays to confine program results to each manager’s own unit and sub-units, as well as enabling their own reporting and budget metrics, administration controls and program communications. This feature frees up higher level program administrators to focus on other important duties and tasks. Investment in this module also delivers access to Incentive Solutions’ vast library of reporting and analytics capabilities to enhance incentive program strategies

Use the Organizational Structure and Advanced Reporting Module to:

  • Make large and international incentive program more manageable. Define multiple rule structures and organizational units to create a multi-layered management program design.
  • Decentralize responsibilities to create specific sales and marketing goals. Grant access to results, reports and communications based on assigned organizational units and managers.
  • Restrict access of incentive program information to a “need to know” basis. Segment incentive program results and reporting capabilities.
  • Drive more informed business plans and decisions. Enhance incentive program strategies with access to 60+ reports containing statistics, analytics and other quantitative data elements on program activity.


  • Defines program data access and structure: System enables multiple rule structures to support defining multiple distributors with unique input pages, or defining manager access to information and reporting based on unit, sub-unit, region, country and relationship to assigned program participants.
  • Delivers advanced reporting: Going beyond the reports included in our Basic Program Package, gain access to 60+ reports containing statistics, customer and employee feedback, explorative charts and graphs to drive informed business decisions and increase sales.

Enable a powerful, yet decentralized management oversight structure for large and international incentive programs.

Our complete suite of incentive program modules includes:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Maintain parameters of multiple, simultaneous sales promotions and automate sales claims verification.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Allow participants to access the incentive program profile and online rewards mall, as well as upload information and submit sales claims, with a smartphone.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Upload full online training curriculum or administer quizzes and surveys.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Organize data flow in your incentive program with structured responsibilities and permissions.
gamification cube Gamification. Increase participation and engagement in your program by letting participants earn rewards for winning online games.
  CRM Integration. Connect your incentive program and CRM system to allow customer data exchange between the two.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Display top performers in your reward program according to data you input.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Incorporate your incentive program directly into your corporate website or internal intranet.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Allow managers to issue fixed-value reward program certificates on the spot for desirable behavior.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Enable participants to sign up to your incentive program without requiring an invitation.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Encourage employee recognition with a social media wall, as well as peer-to-peer and manager point banks.
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