The Open Enrollment Module

Let’s set up your incentive program to capture valuable participant data.

Use Open Enrollment to gather program participant data that improves your marketing strategies.

The Open Enrollment Module allows all of your customers (and prospects) to participate in your incentive or loyalty rewards program without an invitation and, at the same time, captures their contact information. For many companies selling sell products through dealer networks or sales channels,  chances are that not all potential reward program participants are in the internal marketing database. Open Enrollment allows you to capture important supply chain data needed to better promote products and services, broaden your brand and market share, and ultimately increase sales and return on investment in your loyalty program.

Use the Open Enrollment Module to:

  • Expand the reach of your sales channel. Use a broader audience invitation approach to your open your online reward program to every end user and reseller.
  • Build customer loyalty. Identify which business partners to tighten bonds with and prioritize focus in relationship management activities.
  • Enhance customer and sales channel partner market insight. Leverage your incentive program to enhance your marketing contact information and demographic database.
  • Increase sales and incentive program return on investment. Gift earned points redeemable for millions of rewards available from the online rewards mall.


  • Automates program invitation: System enables advertising and marketing your incentive program to all potential participants, as well as everyone in your sales channel.
  • Captures contact and demographic data: Program invitation serves dual purpose to capture participant contact and demographic information to optimize incentive program and other important company marketing programs. 

Connect to and capture information about sales channel partners to decrease lost sales opportunities and expand your B2B network.

open enrollment

Our complete suite of incentive program modules includes:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Track and control all parameters of multiple sales promotions, and audit sales claims.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Give participants easy access to your incentive program with a program-branded mobile app.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Provide full online training courses or administer quizzes and surveys to promote product, service or policy knowledge.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Structure access and responsibilities to organize data flow within your incentive program.
gamification cube Gamification. Participants can earn rewards by playing fun online games like Spin-to-Win, which increases program participation.
  CRM Integration. Connect your incentive program with your customer relationship management (CRM) technology to share customer data between the two systems.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Showcase top performers to bolster friendly competition among your incentive program participants.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Enable navigation to your incentive program directly from your existence web presence.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Issue reward program certificates to managers, allowing them to reward individuals on the spot for desirable behaviors.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Allow enrollment into your reward program without an invitation.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Establish a work culture of employee recognition using a social media wall, along with peer-to-peer and manager point banks.
To receive more information on our reward program options, schedule a tour of the entire collection of rewards, or see a demo of the online rewards technology platform, please call 1.866.567.7432 or send us a message.