Incentive Solutions’s online rewards platform is the most intelligent approach to incentive provision on the market today. We crush the outdated options our competitors offer with respect to cost, ease of implementation, and end user experience. Imagine Amazon meets Salesforce, with every interaction geared towards incentivizing participants.

Help them achieve their goals…by achieving your goals.

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Incentive Solutions offers your very own cloud-based online incentive platform, which serves as the hub for all your multifaceted incentive programs.

  • Admin Portal

    Effectively manage and track all components of your incentive program.

  • Participant Portal

    The platform is the central location for tracking points, browsing reward categories, connecting with others, and redeeming rewards via the rewards mall.

  • User Experience

    Manage all of your incentive program related activities through a single, easy to use dashboard.

Features: make the most of your program

Millions of Rewards – The reward mall has it all! Give your participants access to millions of different rewards, including:

  • Merchandise – Electronics, Sporting Goods, Home Goods, Jewelry, and more!
  • Digital Downloads – Music, Movies, Books, Games, and more!
  • Travel-booking – Airline Tickets, Hotel and Destination Activity Bookings, Cruises, and more!
  • Ticketed Events – Concerts, Sporting Events, Plays, and more!
  • Uniquely Yours – For your extra awesome participants who are addicted to earning points, this rewards type allows participants to exchange points for almost anything imaginable. Imagine using your points to pay the mortgage…we’ve done that!


Mass communicate among your participant groups and specific users. Spread your company’s messages, goals, and objectives!



Access over 60 different types of reports that allow you to track all aspects of your program, promotions, and business.


Our modules are connected to your Online Rewards Program via our Plug & Play method! To learn more, visit here!

Here’s a list of the various modules Incentive Solutions has to offer:

  • Mobile App – A branded mobile app that gives your reward program participants easy access

  • Total Recognition – Build your company’s culture of recognition with a peer to peer wall

  • Manager Point Bank – Set a quantity of reward points that managers can gift to participants

  • Quick Points – Pass out reward point certificates to your participants

  • Learn & Earn – Promote quizzes and surveys for participant feedback

  • Integrated Services – Plug your incentive program into your own website or technology

Simple, intuitive, and efficient.

Virtually No IT Involvement

Best of all, this user-friendly technology doesn’t require an IT team for additional management. If you can navigate this website, you can use this technology. This also means that you can get your incentive program up and running very quickly, with minimal cost.

I want my own online rewards platform!

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