Incentive Solutions Rewards Mall – Merchandise Rewards

Incentive Solutions works directly with the world’s largest retailers to offer your participants the top online merchandise rewards on market today to ensure you can maximize employee motivation!

Motivate employees with millions of reward options!

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…Incentive Solution’s Online Rewards Mall has all of the hottest merchandise!


The Motivating Factor – Our Online Merchandise Selection Is The Best In The Industry!

With millions of rewards to choose from, your employees are certain to find that special item they are determined to earn. And considering Incentive Solutions boasts 25% lower reward costs than competing incentive businesses, your participants will earn more rewards (and accomplish more of your goals), for less! Your distribution partners, B2B customers, sales team, and employees will get the boost they need to dominate your objectives without breaking your budget.

We update our merchandise selection in real time!

The Online Rewards Mall is offered through our Online Rewards Platform.

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More Rewards From Incentive Solutions!

Providing more options to your participants is a great way to ensure maximum motivation. Incentive Solutions also offers the following reward options:

Online Rewards Mall

Special Offers

  • Travel – Airline Tickets, Hotel and Destination Activity Bookings, Cruises, and more!
  • Uniquely Yours – For your extra awesome participants who are addicted to earning points, this rewards type allows participants to exchange points for almost anything imaginable. Imagine using your points to pay the mortgage…we’ve done that!