The Learn and Earn Module

Use online training incentives to boost skills, product knowledge and selling confidence!

Learn and Earn rewards your participants for passing online training quizzes and completing surveys.

The Learn and Earn Module is designed to motivate people to train and learn. Our quiz, survey and trivia tools make training fun and rewarding environment. Whether your focus is employees, sales teams, dealer networks or customers, this online learning solution can support a wide range of education, training and compliance goals, as well as enable market research. Clients love the efficiency and savings of hosting entire corporate training curriculum on the hosted platform. Program administrators simply upload quizzes, training and surveys – and the module rewards points for participating in Daily Trivia, completing courses or earning satisfactory scores.

Use the Learn and Earn Module to:

  • Leverage a flexible online learning solution. Disseminate a continuous, cost-effective educational curriculum through the online incentive rewards platform. Deliver whatever training content you want, whenever you want.
  • Increase insight to improve market strategy. Upload surveys to gain quantitative and qualitative research on market perceptions of your company’s products and services.
  • Retain sales channel partners and employees by making them more invested, confident and educated in selling your products or services. Upload and launch quizzes and other forms of training content to build participant knowledge and understanding of your company’s products, services, policies and benefits.
  • Incentivize better and more frequent safety, customer service, product or sales training. Reward your participants with points they can redeem for millions of rewards available from the online rewards mall.


  • Enables online training curriculum and market insight research. Upload surveys, quizzes, Daily Trivia questions and training, then distribute to your target audience.
  • Rewards earned points. Participants earn points they can redeem for millions of items available on our online rewards mall.
  • Scales corporate training efforts. Set up your company’s entire training curriculum to correspond directly with the Learn and Earn Module.

Whether your focus is employees, sales teams, dealer networks or customers, the Learn and Earn Module can support a wide range of education, training and compliance goals, as well as enable market research objectives.

Our complete suite of incentive program modules includes:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Run multiple sales promotions at the same time and automate sales claims auditing.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Give participants the ability to access to your reward program with a program-branded mobile app.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Administer quizzes, surveys or full online training courses.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Designate specific permissions and responsibilities to managers of different teams, districts or companies.
gamification cube Gamification. Harness the fun of online games to increase engagement in your reward program.
  CRM Integration. Feed participant data from your incentive program into your LMS, ERP or CRM system and vise versa.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Display top performers in your incentive program according to data you input.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Allow your participants to log into your incentive program directly from your internal intranet site or company website.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Issue fixed-value reward program certificates for managers to distribute on the spot for desirable behaviors.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Allow participants to sign up for your program without the need for an invitation.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Provide a social media wall to encourage employee recognition, including peer-to-peer and manager point banks.
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