How do we take your incentive rewards to the next level?

We pair incentive rewards with powerful technology to create a unique sales and marketing tool.

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How will your incentive rewards program serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool?

Following these five steps, we’ll align your goals, participant audience, incentive rewards, technology and program measurement to develop a truly custom, adaptable sales and marketing tool:


We align your incentive program goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) with your business objectives.

Don’t worry—we’ll help with this! We’ll get to know your business, industry and competitors to help you market your features and benefits, identify your unique differentiators and solve your pain points. From there, we’ll create a checklist of goals as the foundation of your program. Then we’ll tie your goals to your program’s performance measurement, checking in with quarterly reviews and making any adjustments or updates necessary to reach your objectives.


Identify those who have the most influence over your goal.

Who determines whether or not you reach your goals? When we nail down this answer, we’ll know who the audience receiving incentives in your program should be. We’ll get familiar with their unique demographic to determine which incentive strategies will move the greatest number of program participants—ie. your mid-performing 60%—closer to the top 20% tier. That leaves plenty of room for the low-performing 20% to fill in the space and shift up to mid-performance levels.


Pick your incentive rewards.

Now that we understand your goals and your participant demographic, we can decide which incentive rewards are best for getting the results you want out of your program.


Online Rewards

Our online rewards mall features millions of merchandise options for online rewards program, including electronics, sporting goods, travel rewards, home goods, books, Redbox movie rentals, event tickets, toys and more!


Debit and Gift Card Rewards

Debit and gifts cards are one of the most versatile rewards you can offer participants—we offer single-use, reloadable and virtual VISA® debit cards, as well as gift cards to over 175 stores and brands.

Incentive-Travel(v5)Incentive Travel Rewards

Incentive travel is the perfect opportunity to gather your customers, employees, sales reps and/or associates in an exciting, exotic environment. Stories, memories and photos shared between group travel attendees will sustain company and brand loyalty long after the incentive trip ends.


Combine your incentive rewards with our technology to turn your program into a full-on marketing tool.

Once we’ve established the goals, audiences and incentive rewards that will work best with your business objectives, we’ll start custom building your incentive program into a unique sales and marketing tool. Our in-house IT and creative services teams, as well as your very own ROI-certified Account Manager, will be at your disposal all the way, offering strategic support throughout program implementation and launch to ensure you’re set up for success. Together, we’ll set program deadlines and deliverables that work for you, then have your program up and running in 4-6 weeks!

You’ll start with our Basic Package, which includes:

Online rewards catalog

With our giant rewards catalog, your program participants have millions of brand-name merchandise, travel rewards and event tickets at their fingertips.

Communication plans

You’ll start off with our free, 12-month communication plan as our investment in you. Add on additional touch points or custom messaging to really take program engagement and communications to the next level.

ROI-certified account management

Loyaltyworks account managers are ROI-certified to provide you the best practice strategies that ensure your program accomplishes your goals.

Free program reports

Full, 24-7 access to 40+ free program activity and data reports allows you to measure your program’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

Make things really exciting by adding on program-enhancing modules:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Schedule and manage multiple sales promotions, track sales data and audit claims with documentation uploading.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Make your program available through an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes native smartphone features like QR scanning.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Host quizzes, surveys and Daily Trivia to reward participants for training or providing you with valuable data.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Organizes your data flow and allows structured access and responsibilities.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Allows uninvited participants to sign up for your online rewards program. Collect valuable customer contact data to expand your market reach.
gamification cube Gamification. Kick program engagement up a notch—offer participants rewards for winning games.
  CRM Integration. Integrates your incentive program with your LMS, ERP or CRM system to feed participant data into other systems.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Input data into a leader board, showing who the top participants are in any aspect of your program.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Allows your participants to log into your reward program directly from your site.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Gives managers the ability to issue fixed-value reward program certificates on the spot.
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Our employee recognition platform includes a social wall for peer-to-peer recognition, as well as a forum for suggestions and referrals.

Time to launch and promote your program!

After you have all your incentive program features and tools in place, it’s time to get the show on the road. We’ll help you kick off your program with exciting marketing collateral, fun messaging and communicating a value proposition that’s impossible to resist. Communication is vital to running your program successfully and we’ll make sure your participants are informed and excited from the get-go.


Measure your incentive program ROI and progress with ongoing reviews.

You don’t want to just release your incentive program into the wild and hope it does its job. We’ll provide you the tools and support you need to track program progress and see how close you are to reaching or exceeding your goals. Your program reports, analytics and ongoing program reviews with your Account Manager will help you measure the program’s ROI, as well as identify areas for improvement and new opportunities.

Let's get your incentive rewards program going!