We build incentive programs custom to unique business needs.

Let’s create a custom incentive program that fits your business perfectly.

What’s unique about our incentive programs?

We work with clients to build custom incentive programs that meet specific goals.

How is Incentive Solutions different from all those other incentive program providers? We approach incentive plans with the belief that all businesses are unique, so there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all incentive program. Our programs aren’t just about rewards—they’re custom marketing tools that help you get exactly what you want from your incentive plan.

What do we mean by “custom marketing tools”? Here’s how we fine-tune your incentive program to your unique goals:

  • Rewards flexibility
    We can provide almost any type of incentive rewards imaginable. Choose between diverse online rewards, simple and straight-forward debit and gift card rewards or exotic and exciting incentive travel.
  • Powerful, versatile incentive technology
    We provide a pre-programmed selection of modules with specialized tools and features—just add on the ones you want!
  • Account management expertise
    Our ROI-certified account managers use their experience with a broad range of industries to help you develop unique objectives and optimize your incentive plans and strategies.

It’s not just about the technology, the rewards or the account management support. It’s about combining these tools and services to piece together a custom incentive strategy for you.

The incentive program types we offer include:


Sales Incentives

Use sales incentives to increase sales and drive revenue.


B2B Customer Loyalty Programs

Increase B2B customer loyalty among your most valued distribution partners.


Channel Sales and Distribution Channel Incentives

Keep your sales channel partners up to date on your goods or services, ensuring they push your products.


Employee Engagement Recognition and Retention Programs

Engage and motivate sales teams, creating a company culture where employees thrive.

VAR Incentives Generate product knowledge and brand loyalty among Value Added Resellers.

VAR Incentives

Generate product knowledge and brand loyalty among Value Added Resellers.


International Incentives

Engage your global network and unite international affiliates under your corporate strategies.

Want to know more about setting up an incentive program that will light a fire under your employees, channel partners, customers or sales team? Contact us today and let us show you how our incentive programs act as custom marketing tools! Call 1.866.567.7432 or shoot us a message.