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Elevate employee motivation and engagement with employee recognition and reward programs.

Employee rewards motivate employees and improve company culture.

Employee recognition and rewards programs are designed to help Human Resource professionals who struggle with reduced employee retention rates, low worker productivity, negative attitudes, absenteeism and increasing turnover. By fostering employee engagement and encouraging a positive company culture, businesses are better equipped to handle tighter company budgets, changing U.S. worker demographics, job security concerns, increased stress levels and decreased company loyalty. Employee recognition programs have become an essential business strategy to meeting revenue goals by directly influencing employee retention, attitudes and attendance, not to mention safety records and sales targets. With Incentive Solutions’ broad selection of employee incentive programs, motivating employees at all levels to perform at their peak is easier and more effective.

Retain employees and incite positive behaviors to meet multiple goals.

Employee Recognition and Reward Programs can serve as the foundation to meeting multiple business goals and influencing any number of behaviors across your entire company. Our swift program design and implementation model helps you to launch an ideal program solution for your specific employee base in four to six weeks!! Typical employee recognition and reward programs we manage are designed to:

  • Increase workplace productivity and employee morale.
  • Improve company culture by showing employee appreciation regularly.
  • Reinforce quality in service and products.
  • Use employee incentives to increase sales, upsells and cross-selling.
  • Decrease absenteeism and increase employee engagement.
  • Facilitate essential training and certifications.
  • Solicit employee suggestions, innovation and feedback.
  • Influence employee health, wellness, safety and safety compliance behaviors.
  • Improve teamwork and collaboration.

To see how our employee recognition and rewards programs are helping our client success, check out our case studies and white papers.

  • When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “Give recognition,” according to a Psychometrics employee engagement study.
  • HR Business & Legal Resources reported that over 50% of employees recruited into an organization will leave within two years, and 88% of employees leave organizations for reasons unrelated to pay.
  • A Dale Carnegie survey revealed that organizations with engaged employees outperformed those without by 202%!

Incentive rewards we provide for Employee Recognition and Reward Programs:


Online Rewards

Millions of options in a wide-ranging online reward catalog. Reward technology that sustains employee engagement.

With an immense online rewards catalog, you can offer employees millions of reward items, from easily-earned items like movie tickets to significant merchandise rewards such as electronics and home furnishings. When employees are able to choose their own rewards from a vast selection, it establishes personal significance and emotional “buy in” to both your reward program and your organization.

Comprehensive, sophisticated online reward technology is also able to serve as a marketing tool to promote your program, with communication plans that can contact your participants according to the communication medium they choose upon enrollment. Additional reward program module technology is design to further enhance recognition programs’ effectiveness. The Total Recognition Suite provides a fun, interactive social media wall to increase engagement in the program while facilitating peer-to-peer recognition.


Debit Card Rewards

Single-use or reloadable debit card employee rewards options. VISA® debit cards that can be used anywhere.

With debit card programs, you can offer employees rewards VISA® debit card rewards that are versatile and easy to use. Whether you have more utilitarian-minded employees who want to spend their rewards on gas, groceries and monthly bills or those who want to treat themselves to online or in-store shopping, everyone can use their debit cards on the rewards that truly motivate them. Offer employees one-time use or reloadable debit cards—whichever is more convenient for your reward program needs.


Travel Rewards

Enticing incentive travel rewards that boosts employee retention and company loyalty.

Incentive travel is one of the best rewards investments companies can make, because it is capable of generating long-lasting excitement, a greater sense of community among co-workers and positive memories that are forever linked to your company. Top performers who earn the chance to go on an exotic incentive trip will be proud to talk about the experience before, during and after. Personal investment in your company goals increases when you’re meeting or discussing corporate strategies in a beautiful, relaxing environment. Incentive travel rewards not only contribute to employee satisfaction and company loyalty, they add prestige and positivity to your organization’s image and reputation.

Today’s employees anticipate the worst in job markets, which is why it is so important to cultivate a positive corporate atmosphere that promotes employee engagement and retention. Recognition and reward programs provide employees with ongoing reminders of their value, which is vital to empowering and motivating employees.

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Using our advanced reward technology, we can combine any of the above reward options with any of the following incentive program options: 

Sales-Incentive-ProgramsIncrease sales by motivating your sales team, maximizing their potential. Customer-Loyalty-ProgramsFacilitate thriving partnerships with suppliers, dealers, contractors and other B2B partners. Distribution-and-Channel-Sales-Incentive-ProgramsCultivate positive relationships with supply chain partners, pushing them to promote your products. Employee-Recognition-ProgramsPromote an environment of employee recognition using a social media wall.
 International-IncentivesUnite international affiliates and business partners under your corporate strategy.  Value-Added-Reseller-IncentivesEstablish greater mindshare and understanding among Value Added Resellers.  Umbrella-Incentive-ProgramsControl all incentive programs, data and features through a single, one-stop platform.  Wellness-Safety-Incentives Encourage  healthier lifestyles and behavior based safety among employees.