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Customer Loyalty Programs

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Build customer loyalty with aligned business incentives

If you sell products through resellers, dealers and distributors, getting your partners motivated and aligned with your sales goals is the Holy Grail. . Thus, being able to build strong relationships with channel partners and communicate with end-users is integral to the success of your business and brand. A channel loyalty and incentive program that gets distribution partners engaged can help your organization:

  • Build relationships with distributors, resellers and dealers
  • Acquire and retain customers
  • Lift channel sales
  • Launch new products and adjust product mix
  • Improve margins
  • Market to end-users
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Gather valuable customer data
  • Increase market share and "share of wallet"
  • Maintain an ongoing marketing dialog with your channels

Incentive Solutions incentive programs have proven successful for the many manufacturers and wholesale distributors we count as clients. We accomplish this by evaluating each business situation uniquely, then drawing from years of experience with various types of incentives to formulate a solution that maximizes return for the client.

Web-based channel reward programs

Incentive Solutions supports a number of different incentive types, but the trend in channel incentives has been the use of Web-based point programs. Their ability to gather valuable data, create actionable customer insight and facilitate efficient marketing communication neatly matches the needs of this business segment.

Our experience has always been that easy-to-understand (and use) programs that offer a wide variety of rewards have the best success engaging and motivating dealers, resellers and distributors. Incentive Solutions point program platform, RewardTrax, delivers on both counts. Participants have 24/7 access to an informative, branded program Website one that contains the largest and most diverse collection of rewards in the incentive industry: 45+ million brand-name merchandise and travel rewards: from complete home theater systems to books, CDs and DVDs to exotic cruise and travel packages. Weve partnered with the nation's leading Web retailers to offer the largest, most cost-effective collection of rewards in the incentive industry.

Click here to watch a brief overview of the innovative RewardTrax system. Feel free to contact us to discuss how incentives may fit into your channel marketing strategy.

Complementary incentive program alignment

Customer loyalty programs can have synergistic impact when combined with well-timed and targeted employee incentive and recognition programs. That is why at Incentive Solutions, one of the leading incentive companies in the U.S., we focus on assisting organizations like yours in developing and implementing aligned incentive programs, including customer loyalty programs, employee recognition programs, safety incentive programs, travel incentives and sales incentives that work together to ensure compounded benefit and ROI on your incentive program investment.

It has been proven that well-conceived customer incentives are effective. So, imagine the broader impact you could achieve by aligning your loyalty program with business incentives designed to improve sales support, customer service, product delivery and installation, cost containment, risk mitigation and safety.

Call us today to begin development of a customer loyalty, incentive and recognition program for your organization, or click here to email us.

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