CRM Integrated Incentive Programs

Want fluid customer data exchange between your incentive program and your CRM? 

Set up customer data exchange between business tools with CRM integrated incentive programs.

Incentive programs have the power to improve businesses. CRM integrated incentive programs can improve businesses in bigger, faster ways by aligning with existing goals and strategies. With our incentive program CRM integration technology, you can feed incentive program sales and customer data through an application program interface (API) into  your business intelligence tools. Incorporating information from participants, customers and purchases into other areas of your organization lets you centralize and strengthen business insights and market strategies.

Use incentive program CRM integration to:

  • Engage and retain customers. More information about your customers’ purchase history helps you fill in a complete picture of their needs. With this knowledge, you can offer them a personalized customer experience. Customer loyalty is hard to break when you know what your customers need before they do!
  • Develop better marketing strategies. More customer data at your disposal means you can better identify buyer personas, market trends and industry demands. Use these insights to create more effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Improve performance. Bring sales performance and online training information from your incentive program into your LMS to identify opportunities to improve and grow.

Whether your focus is employees, sales teams, dealer networks or customers, the Learn and Earn Module can support a wide range of education, training and compliance goals, as well as enable market research objectives.


  • Flexible API connectivity. Our CRM integration incentive programs can plug into abroad range of CRM, learning management system (LMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system APIs.
  • Website integration. Integrate your online incentive program into your corporate website navigation for a cohesive participant experience that reinforces your branding.

Check out all of our incentive program modules:

Performance-Tracking Performance Tracking. Track sales data, performances and run multiple sales promotions simultaneously.
Mobile-App Mobile App. Grant on-the-go access to your incentive program with a branded mobile app.
Learn-and-Earn Learn and Earn. Offer incentives for participation in online training such as surveys, quizzes or Daily Trivia.
organizational-structure Org. Structure & Advanced Reporting. Segment districts, regions or departments within your program so each group has its own content, analytics and billing reports.
gamification cube Gamification. Get participants “hooked” on your incentive program by offering rewards for winning games of chance like Spin to Win.
Leaderboard Leaderboard. Display top-ranking performers or customers on a configurable leaderboard.
Integrated-Services Integration Services. Incorporate your reward program into your company’s internal intranet site or corporate website.
Quick-Points Quick Points. Managers can issue fixed-value reward point certificates on the spot.
Open-Enrollment Open Enrollment. Allow any participant access to program enrollment, no invitation necessary!
Total-Recognition Total Recognition Suite. Provide a social media wall to boost employee motivation and create a thriving, energized corporate culture.

To receive more information on our reward program options, schedule a tour of the entire collection of rewards, or see a demo of the online rewards technology platform, please call 1.866.567.7432 or send us a message.