Give Back To Your Distributors

Maintaining a clear, mutual understanding between yourself and your channel distributors, customers, and resellers is a necessity to guaranteeing sales and successful product launches. A Channel Sales Incentive program is constructed so that your channel distributors and resellers are rewarded for understanding and selling your products!

By motivating your partners with reward incentives, you’re pushing them to become more loyal to your business personally, setting you up for greater sales and results!


To put it simply:

  • The more they sell

  • the more rewards they earn!


This sets you up for long-term market share gain and higher profits! Incentive programs can be used to increase the sales of specific products, kick off the launch of a new product, boost slower sale periods, and encourage product education, which inevitably leads your partners to sell more of your products and services as a whole! The Incentive Research Foundation tells us that a channel sales incentive program can increase revenue by up to 32%! This program is a must have for any business to business partnerships!


Strengthen your ties to your partners to bring about a greater success!

Our sales distribution program offers the following:

Build and increase partner loyalty to your brand and products


Promote your products and improve your gross margins


Provide education to dealers and channel sales partners on your products’ features and benefits


Improve your distribution channel engagement while differentiating yourself from the competition


Encourage distributors to sell your products over those of competitors


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This program is considered a Business To Business (B2B) program, similar to our B2B Customer Loyalty Program. For more details, visit here.

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Additionally, our proprietary reward technology allows us to pair any of the above reward program categories with any of the following incentive programs: