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Written by: Angela R
Date Published: 02/07/2017
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Distributor incentive programs increase channel sales and strengthen partnerships.

Channel management is critical to the bottom line. After all, your distribution channel partners act as agents of your brand, and can add to or detract from your credibility, as well as the success of your revenue goals. Channel incentive programs are an ideal solution when you need to increase sales of specific products or services quickly, kick off the launch of a new offerings, boost results in slower sales periods or encourage knowledge of product features and benefits. With a wide variety of reward options, you can offer desirable rewards for quick SPIF sales, incremental growth, channel partner loyalty or all three.

Motivate your business partners to increase mindshare and move product.

Your distribution channels need mindshare and appreciation to align with your business objectives. Our swift program design and implementation model helps you to launch an ideal program solution in four to six weeks! Typical channel incentive programs and distributor programs we manage are designed to:

  • Promote products through instant rewards and gamification to improve gross margins
  • Reward dealers and channel sales partners for participating in product training and surveys
  • Create competitive differentiation through rewards for product placement and increased sales
  • Build stronger long-term relationships and support long-term market share gain

To see how our channel sales and distribution channel programs are helping our clients succeed, check out any of our case studies or white papers.

  • According to the Incentive Research Foundation, channel sales incentive programs can increase revenue by up to 32% — making them a “must have” for any business-to-business partnership!
  • Aberdeen Group and Incentive Research Foundation studies indicate that companies implementing non-cash reward and recognition programs for their channel partners report annual revenue increases averaging 9.6%, compared to the 3% average of all other companies.
  • An Incentive Performance Center case study of Price Pfister reported that the company achieved 173% of their stretch sales goals by using a channel sales incentive program.

Incentive rewards we offer for Distribution and Channel Sales Incentive Programs:


Online Rewards

The power of individual choice. Online rewards that sustain channel sales incentive program engagement and activity.

What better way to approach rewarding a diverse distributor channel than with diverse rewards? Using an online rewards program, you can distribute points to your sales channel partners for pushing out your products and participants can redeem those points for items in our online rewards mall, which features millions of merchandise items. From quickly-snagged books to appliances and furniture, there’s something for everyone. The diversity of reward options keeps your channel partners invested in your program so that there’s always a new reward to earn and engagement in your program is less likely to lag. Online merchandise rewards are able to sustain long-lasting activity in your program, bringing you steady, incremental sales growth.


Debit Card Rewards

Convenient debit card rewards for a diverse channel sales network. Easy to use and accepted worldwide.

Those who go to market through a supply chain often deal with many different types of distributors. Whether you have the potential to expand into international markets or you already have international sales channel partners, debit card programs make it easy for you to reward your overseas partners. Using virtual debit cards, channel partners can spend their debit card funds in online stores that are based in their home countries. This way, they can receive rewards without the risks and inconveniences associated with international shipping.


Travel Rewards

An unbeatable motivator. A chance to solidify lifelong channel sales relationships through incentive travel rewards.

The prospect of travel excites people. By offering travel rewards, you can wield that excitement for amazing results. Our online rewards mall features flight tickets, hotel accommodations and cruises, all of which are redeemable with participants’ program points. Whether your channel partners want to take the trip of a lifetime or spend their points on airfare for a family visit, your reward program can make memorable travel experiences a reality.

Incentive travel can bring your sales channel team together for unforgettable corporate events. Hosting a corporate travel event is an opportunity to meet and network in an exotic, relaxing or adventure-filled location. You can secure positive relationships, network with your distributors, facilitate brand loyalty and reinforce your brand messages and business strategies in a memorable, engaging environment.

Use channel sales and distributor incentive programs to secure loyalty and positive sentiment among your supply chain partnerships. Rewarding channel partners for their loyalty and continuing business helps increase product knowledge, expand market share and develop more effective sales strategies

To receive more information on our reward program options, schedule a tour of the entire collection of rewards, or see a demo of the online rewards technology platform, please call 1.866.567.7432 or send us a message.

With our reward technology, we can combine any of the above reward types with any of the following incentive program options:

Sales-IncentiveMotivate sales teams to increase sales and maximize their potential. Customer-LoyaltySecure loyalty among manufacturers, dealers, contractors and other B2B partners. Distribution-and-Channel-SalesEstablish greater mindshare and collaboration with supply chain partners. Employee-Recognition-ProgramsCultivate manager-to-peer and peer-to-peer recognition with a social media wall.
 International-IncentiveExpand your corporate strategy and business plans to international associates.  VAR-IncentiveEnable greater product knowledge among Value Added Resellers.  Umbrella-IncentiveAssemble all incentive programs and data under one, easy-to-use incentive platform.  Wellness-Safety-IncentiveIncrease employee satisfaction by promoting healthier habits and behavior based safety.