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Online Reward Program
Debit Card & Gift Card Rewards

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Why Partner With Incentive Solutions

ISI Incentives + Your Goals = Significant ROI

Incentive Solutions is your go to partner for an incentive program that delivers measurable results with quantifiable ROI. Our game changing technology will help you incentivise your distribution partners, B2B customers, sales team, and employees to achieve YOUR goals and drive YOUR company’s KPI’s, all while boosting engagement among participants. We motivate people to sell, learn, and achieve what you want – all with just a few clicks of a mouse. Best of all, we can get you up and running in just a few weeks at an incredibly low cost.

Our services are available in over 55 countries, worldwide!

Based in Atlanta, GA and boasting an impressive 35 years of experience, Incentive Solutions has been recognized by “Inc. 5000, Best and Brightest in Atlanta” and “Top 50 Marketing Agency Atlanta” as a leading incentive provider. In addition, we’re proud to announce that our recent client survey consisting of 200 Incentive Solutions customers gave us a 95% recommendation rating, and participants say they would refer us to a friend!

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Our Online Rewards Platform – Faster, Safer, Cost Effective

Incentive Solution’s custom, cloud-based reward platform is designed to fit your company’s specific needs.  We customize and maintain the platform for you in house, meaning that all your data remains secure. We don’t outsource important operations to international developers and companies. Your security is one of our top priorities! Our technology grants you faster, better, and more affordable reward program services – all designed to be managed by you, and safely provided by us.

The platform ensures you’re delivered a solid incentive program grounded in proficiency and ease of use. Every program we offer can be operational within weeks. Other incentive companies tend to offer complex plans that often expand beyond your control and your budget, but Incentive Solutions counters the competition by using its advantage in technology to truly bring you the real deal. No other incentive company compares!

Online. Affordable. Millions of rewards.

 Choose Your Rewards Programs

Online Reward Program - If you’re looking to offer participants millions of unique reward choices, Incentive Solutions is the right place to look. Give your participants what they want, and achieve your business objectives through personal, positive reinforcement. Our rewards mall has millions of reward choices for your participants - there’s something to motivate everyone! Rewards are available for purchase with the points your participants earn - and it all happens online!

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Pre-paid Visa® Debit Card & Gift Card Reward Programs - Available in more than 155 different card types, we offer these rewards both in the form of plastic cards or virtual certificates (for those that like their rewards immediately).

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Incentive Travel Programs - Incentive travel is quite possibly the ultimate motivator.  Not only are trips great, but people love the prestige associated with travel rewards and work aggressively to earn them, especially sales associates. We plan and execute awesome group and individual incentive travel programs that will leave your participants feeling highly motivated to accomplish your goals.

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Additionally, our proprietary reward technology allows us to pair any of the above reward program categories with any of the following incentive programs:

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We've produced measurable, successful reward programs for over 35 years.

Launch in 4-6 Weeks

Time is money. Developing and servicing our cloud-based platform in hour makes implementation quick and easy.

Low Cost

You decided the pricing structur that is best suited for your needs. Unlike other comptetitors, we offer three options.

95% of customers would recommend us to a friend

95% of our customers rate our service and products as "excellent" and would refer our services on to a friend.

Millions of Rewards

Millions of rewards delivered internationally to motivate your employees, customers, and sales channels.

Plug-in Modules

RewardTrax is designed as an a-la-carte plug and play module platform. Customize the ultimate reward and recognition program.